Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shikishi Kake Dragon Scroll

This Scroll is Sold.

This is a shikishi kake scroll. A shikishi is a hard matte paper that comes in various sizes. They are long lasting and very durable. The Shikishi kake frame is very convenient in that the work can be replaced as often as desired with other works.

The writing on this is the word for Dragon (Ryu), written in a semi-cursive style called gyousho. See our website for more details on the different writing styles. This work was created by Ryugyoku Yamada. This writing fits the cloth pattern of the Orange and Purple Dragon.

Dimensions of the scroll are roughly 36 Inches Long by 15.5 Inches wide.

It is a beautiful scroll, which could provide a unique presence in home, office, resaurant or dojo.

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