Thursday, April 19, 2018

Way of Logic Wallscroll

This kakejiku was commissioned as a gift. The customer wanted us to write the Way of Logic. We translated it as Ronridou. It was made in the three step style. The Red/Rose color cloths complement well with the khaki ten/chi.

It was finished with a machined rosewood jikusaki and light gold hanging string. If you would like a gift scroll made for someone, please contact to 801-214-4064 or

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flower Watercolor Wallscroll

A Hawaiian artist sent this watercolor to mount into a wallscroll. I think it turned out quite nicely. Chose to use muted neutral colors in order to enhance the colors of the painting. It is finished with a black arabesque pattern in the wood jikusaki and a gray hanging string. If you have questions about having a painting mounted into a scroll please contact to

Monday, April 2, 2018

Mt. Fuji Color Sumi Remounted

I had a customer that I worked with many years ago send me a scroll he had damaged cutting it with a knife. I took it apart and remounted the entire scroll.

I am not a good cameraman and my camera is very low quality. If you want to see how beautiful this frame job was, you would need to see it in person. Hopefully the bonsaiist will display it with a tree.

The scroll is finished with a gold hanging string, and a rosewood jikusaki with a machined end.

My only concern with using this in a bonsai display is the trees in the painting will interfere with the near/far perspective of the viewer. The bonsai should set the near perspective and Fuji should indicate the far distance.