Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Waterfall on Silk

This scroll was purchased in an auction and was remounted by myself
. I used the concepts of 寒色・暖色 (Kanshoku/Danshoku), which means cool colors/warm colors respectively. The waterfall is a summer theme motif in Japanese art. In mounting, a common technique is to use colors of the opposite season. So if it is hot in summer, you want to use cool colors to affect the viewer positively with the opposite feeling of the color.

What I love with this painting is the small birds flying across the waterfall. It really brings this painting to life.

Sometimes I have had difficulty with uki after applying the urauchi while working with silk paintings. However this one turned out close to perfect.

This scroll is for sale for $250.00 and will include a Paper box. For inquiries of purchase please contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kakejiku for Bonsai Artist

This painting on silk was sent to me by a bonsai artist in the midwest. It is a beautiful painting with pines and cranes. It is a very traditional Japanese motif. The brown pattern in the pure silk reminds me of a strong breeze. I hope to have a picture of it displayed with the bonsai.

If you would like a custom scroll made for your bonsai display please contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu Wallscroll

This kakejiku was made for a Danzan Ryu Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Danzan Ryu is a form of Jiu Jitsu developed by Henry S. Okazaki.

The customer wanted it in the three step style with the light blue cloth and goldenrod ten and chi. It was written in the Gyoushou style by Ryugyoku. (Yoshimi Yamada Maples). I made the scroll, and this has turned out to be one of the nicest scrolls I have made.

If you would like a quote for having a custom wallscroll made for you please contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Monday, July 16, 2018

Landscape Waterfall on Silk

I remounted this silk painting that is painted on silk. It has a waterfall and landscape scene. It is a very beautiful painting.
I used dark browns and golds to be a contrast to the summer scene that is depicted in the painting. This scroll is about 6 feet long.

It is no longer available for sale. If you would like a quote for a custom scroll made please contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Makimono Scrolls

Makimono scrolls completed with the help of my teacher in Japan. I learned some new techniques and skills while in Japan. It makes me realize, the more I learn the less I know.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Never Forget Your Beginning

In Japanese there is a proverb read 初心を忘れるべからず, (shoshin wo wasureru bekarazu) which reminds one to never forget the spirit and gumption they had when embarking on learning a new skill, career etc. This is for a Martial Artist who is giving to a student that achieved the dan ranking. We wrote slightly differently to have all characters, but the meaning is essentially the same.

This was a reminder to me that in my Hyousou arts, I should rekindle that inner spark.

If you would like a custom scroll for a gift, please email to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Illuminating Moonbeam

This is the second scroll of the Iwasaki print Illuminating Moonbeam. The calligraphy in the scroll is the heart sutra. The symbolism is very beautiful. I feel that the soft purples soften this scroll greatly. If you would like a quote for custom scroll, or would like a painting or photograph mounted into a wallscroll, contact to Jonathan Maples at sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Way of Logic Wallscroll

This kakejiku was commissioned as a gift. The customer wanted us to write the Way of Logic. We translated it as Ronridou. It was made in the three step style. The Red/Rose color cloths complement well with the khaki ten/chi.

It was finished with a machined rosewood jikusaki and light gold hanging string. If you would like a gift scroll made for someone, please contact to 801-214-4064 or sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flower Watercolor Wallscroll

A Hawaiian artist sent this watercolor to mount into a wallscroll. I think it turned out quite nicely. Chose to use muted neutral colors in order to enhance the colors of the painting. It is finished with a black arabesque pattern in the wood jikusaki and a gray hanging string. If you have questions about having a painting mounted into a scroll please contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Monday, April 2, 2018

Mt. Fuji Color Sumi Remounted

I had a customer that I worked with many years ago send me a scroll he had damaged cutting it with a knife. I took it apart and remounted the entire scroll.

I am not a good cameraman and my camera is very low quality. If you want to see how beautiful this frame job was, you would need to see it in person. Hopefully the bonsaiist will display it with a tree.

The scroll is finished with a gold hanging string, and a rosewood jikusaki with a machined end.

My only concern with using this in a bonsai display is the trees in the painting will interfere with the near/far perspective of the viewer. The bonsai should set the near perspective and Fuji should indicate the far distance. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kuro Matsu Japanese Calligraphy Wallscroll

This scroll is for sale. It is written in a Semi-Cursive style by Yoshimi "Ryugyoku" Yamada. The total scroll size is about 1.5 feet wide by 3.5 feet long. It is made with a solid Shike cloth that has a silver tint. It was framed in an informal style called Fukuro Hyougu. It is finished with an ivory pvc jikusaki, and a nezumi, light gray hanging string.

Price is $100.00 which includes shipping to the 50 states and all taxes. If you have interest in this scroll for your bonsai collection email to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mori Ippou Silk Wallscroll Remount

This was the remount of an old silk sumi painting by Mori, Ippou 一鳳 森 (1798 - 1871)
It was sent to me by a bonsai artist that had purchased this scroll. He had hired quite a few people to reframe it...but when it was sent to me it only had a heat based back paper and the original Ichimonji attached to the cloth. I redid the scroll. Removing foxing is still a skill I need to learn. Hopefully, when I go back this summer, I can take the time to learn it besides some other things.

In designing the scroll, the only character's in the calligraphy my wife could decipher was, Okuyama (Far Mountains). I also could not find a Japanese tale involving a bear and a crab. There is a tale from Aesop about a hungry bear and crab....So I selected the wave pattern Chuumawashi to represent the beach where the crab resides. I used the mountain motif in the Ichimonji to represent the Okuyama from where the bear travelled. I used a sea green Ten and Chi to reinforce the ocean. The kakehimo is the Sandai Koiro, and the Jikusaki I used were a black lacquer wood in case the owner wanted to display with a formal evergreen bonsai, particularly if it is styled in a formal styling.

When removing the backing paper, there were two tears in the silk on the sides. I repaired the larger one with a bridge of backing paper, before I applied the first layer of paper called Hadaurauchi. Here is a little about Mori Ippou below:

Mori Ippō was born and lived in Osaka. He was trained in the Shijō style by Mori Tetsuzan, who later adopted him into the renowned Mori family. In the 1850’s the executed a commission for the Imperial palace.
Little information about his life is available, except what he noted down in the humorous book he wrote.
His work shows no great genius, but it is good enough to deserve more acclaim than it generally receives.
Recurring themes are animals, birds, landscapes, and scenes of Osaka life.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blank Shikishi Wallscroll

This is a shikishi kake scroll. You can exchange the shikishi for seasonality or other themes. This character is written Iyashi (To Heal) in semi-cursive form called Gyousho. The basic pricing for these types of scrolls is $75.00 including taxes and shipping to the United States. If you would like to purchase a scroll similar to this visit www.customjapanesecalligraphy.com or email to Jonathan Maples  sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com