Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welchko -- Last Name Translation

This was a beautiful scroll done for a family name. Yoshimi Maples translated the name Welchko into Japanese. The characters were as follows:
Ue 上 - Means Above, Up or over...however it is also an expression for Heaven
Ru (The character below the Ue) Means to live or exist.
Chi 知 Means to know
Ko Means child(ren)
The direct translation for this was "to know the child(ren) lives in heaven". As she was writing this, Yoshimi felt inspired to think about the Savior, Jesus Christ. Hence, can be either your own children or the One Child.
The writing was done in Block Print Japanese Calligraphy called Kaisho. Please see other scroll pictures in the blog to compare to other writing styles.
The black and the tan in the cloth was perfectly accented by the antique, wood jikusaki (end caps) and the tan and cream fuchin (Hanging ceramics with tassels). The scroll size was about 3 feet by 1.5 feet and one of the most beautiful works to date.
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