Thursday, April 22, 2010

1 of 3 Joufuku Scrolls (Panther)

This is a scroll for a dojo in the US. They are using the writing as a meditative practice for practitioners to contemplate what they have learned and put them in a higher plane of thinking. The artwork of the panther was difficult to do as traditionally, Japanese and Chinese brush painting does not have a history of using panthers as subject material. Thankfully, one of the wonderfully talented artists I rely on, Ren Adams, used Tiger's, which is a common theme in Sumi-e. You can see how beautifully she transitioned subject material. I will also say how beautifully well done the writing is on the scroll in a gyousho style, because it was done by my wife, Ryugyoku.
This is in the Maru Hyougu style and is on a taupe cloth. The decision on the cloth was very difficult. Some swatches of different fabrics was sent so they could not only compare it to the wall onto which it would hang, but also how the cloth would look with the entire design was necessary. This was a very difficult and complicated project, but was very satisfying.

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