Friday, February 11, 2011

Scroll Made for Scroll Making Class Demonstration

This scroll was written by the student, Regina Oberndorfer, who runs a Buddhist Zazen Center in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a Buddhist phrase which reads JO RAKU GA JO, from the Enmei Jukku Kannon. The meanings of the Kanji are eternal, joyful, intimate and pure.

If you would like to learn how to make your own wallscroll or Kakejiku in a traditional handmade style, please contact to me at

My teaching style is to first demonstrate and then let the student perform the action. So this scroll is the one used to first demonstrate the step to the student. At first the student requested to make a Sandan Hyougu scroll, but I did not recommend this because there are extra steps required to finish the scroll. The Maru Hyougu scroll provides the basic steps to know how to begin to construct a scroll.

When designing this scroll we had to look at the color in the writing and find cloths that would complement the color. The silk that was selected is an olive green with a small karakusa pattern in it to be the chuumawashi. The bronze/copper color was chosen for the Ten & Chi. I truly believe that the selection of the jikusaki and kakehimo is critical to provide harmonious design in the scroll. The sparkly wood jikusaki called Nashi gives that extra match to the colors of the writing. The closeup also shows the floral arrangement. The flowers were purchased locally and the pecan branch was cut from my backyard.

Scroll dimensions as follows for bun
Ten:                         114
Ue Chuumawashi:      44
Ue Ichimonji:               5
Shihon Habasa:          73
Shihon Nagasa:        240
Hashira:                     18
Shita Ichimonji:            2.5
Shita Chuumawashi:   20
Chi:                           69
Kakejiku Habasa:    109
Kakejiku Nagasa:    489.5

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