Thursday, July 7, 2011

Customer Response to Scroll

This is a response from a customer along with my reply. I guess sometimes I get too hard on myself about seeing every little flaw and mistake.

Dear Jonathan,

I have received the package today and I am very happy with the result. Maybe it is not “great” as you mentioned, but to my opinion it is at least very good!
I gave it to my friend this evening and also he was very happy with it.
Thank you very much for making this custom scroll.
Best regards,

I am glad your friend is appreciative of the gift. Probably like yourself in Martial Arts I seek for perfection in my work, which sometimes hinders my ability to see the overall good and focus only on minor flaws.

Jonathan Maples

Custom Japanese Calligraphy
545 West 600 North
St. George UT 84770
Phone: 435-656-1870

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