Monday, July 15, 2013

Pheasant Scroll for Autumn Wallscroll

This scroll is sold! This is another kakejiku prepared for the American Bonsai Convention in New York this upcoming September. It is available for sale. If you have an idea or need details about ordering a custom handmade scroll, go to or email to

This was painted by Natsuko Horinouchi, a Japanese sumi artist who lives in Germany. I love the wind in this painting...only small problem is slightly against the flow of the wind....but could easily see a windswept bonsai to display this this scroll.

The pheasant is a bird that represents the Autumn season, and now would be a good time to display in anticipation of the fall. The cloth selections somewhat go against some principles of designing the cloths of a scroll for a Hyousoushi, but align with bonsai artists ideas for display. I used browns, golds, tans and a taupe to represent the dried out grasses where a pheasant may be hiding during the Fall season. The scroll is completed with old wooden jikusaki which are not lacquered, and a Kincha (Gold Brown) hanging string, which mirrors the color of the Ichimonji (Arabesque)

Further Details Below:
Name in Kanji Name in English Size in Bun Size in Inches Other Information
Ten 115 13.72 ベンベルグ 無地
上中廻し Ue Chuumawashi 50 5.96 中廻し ベンベルグ
上一文字 Ue Ichimonji 9 1.07 一文字 金襴
紙本の幅さ Artwork Width 85 10.14 軸先 軸木 昔塗なし  
紙本の長さ Artwork Length 295 35.19 掛け紐      
Pillars 5.5 0.66 風帯幅      
下一文字 Shita Ichimonji 5 0.60 風帯すき間      
下中廻し Shita Chuumawashi 30 3.58 桐箱幅さ      
Chi 75 8.95        
掛け軸の幅さ Scroll Width 96 11.45        
掛け軸の長さ Scroll Length 570 68.00        

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