Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Wallscroll

This kakejiku or wallscroll was commissioned for a practitioner
of Ninjutsu. He wanted a simple style scroll, but was concerned about the quality of the calligraphy. My wife works really hard to try and get all characters evenly spaced and balanced and I think this one was well written in the Gyousho style.

The scroll is in a navy silk, with gold on gold karakusa for the ichimonji. The jikusaki are Ivory plastic in the 9 bun size. I used the larger size because this customer also purchased the fuchin on the bottom, which are ceramic pieces to weight the scroll. Dimensions as follows:

Name in Kanji Name in English Size in Bun Size in Inches
Ten 115 13.72
上一文字 Ue Ichimonji 7 0.84
紙本の幅さ Artwork Width 53 6.32
紙本の長さ Artwork Length 220 26.24
Pillars 18 2.15
下一文字 Shita Ichimonji 4 0.48
Chi 70 8.35
掛け軸の幅さ Scroll Width 89 10.62
掛け軸の長さ Scroll Length 416 49.63

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