Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Keiko (Training) Scroll

This scroll is for a European martial artist. He brought to my attention a new Japanese word that I was wikipedia in Japanese.
unfamiliar with. 稽古 Keiko. It is a term for training. I was familiar with the lay terms for training such as 練習 Renshu, 実習 Jisshu and 訓練 Kunren. However, this is a term almost exclusively used for Martial Arts or bujutsu training. You can read about it at this link on

The scroll is Hanshi size with a black kireji. The red ichimonji was to help create a strong visual barrier between the writing and the cloth. It is written in the Gyousho (Semi-cursive) style by my wife Ryugyoku (Yoshimi Yamada Maples). It is finished with a Shitan (Rosewood) jikusaki and a Kon (navy) kakehimo or hanging string.

If you would like a custom scroll made as a gift for your dojo, school, or Japanese culture loving family member please email to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

Dimensions of this scroll are as follows:


BudoKai Kokoro said...

Hello Jonathan,

thank you again for the great and accurate work you both have done. The result is great!!

BudoKai Kokoro said...

Great result! Thnx for the very precise job done!