Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dragon Sumie Kakejiku

This is a dragon sumi painting from a friend of an artist that lives in Minnesota. Color inks take an extra step to prepare to make a scroll. They tend to bleed very easily when water is even applied to the back of the painting. So you are required to either apply nijimi tome spray, or a liquid dousa eki. The dousa eki is a liquid that is even be better to be applied to the paper or silk before it is painted.
This particular scroll is done in the fukuro hyougu style. I applied a 1.5 bun measured suji in gold around the painting to provide a relief to the cloth and painting. This painting is so powerful, I wanted to utilize a simple mounting style.
Yes, my studio is a little messy.
If you have a painting that you would like mounted or remounted into a scroll contact to Jonathan Maples at

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