Friday, July 3, 2009

7 Virtues of the Bushido

This Scroll is Sold.

This is a scroll with the 7 Virtues of the Bushido written in a semi-cursive style by Ryugyoku. The scroll cloth is a cotton with the figure of a dragon in Black and Red. The paper size is Yatsugiri and the scroll is roughly 5.5 Feet long and 1 Foot wide.

The 7 Virtues are as Follows:
Gi - Righteousness
Yuu - Courage
Jin - Benevolence
Rei - Respect
Makoto - Sincerity
Yoo - Honor
Chuu - Loyalty

Some translations differ in that they utilize Chuugi or other two character words for the principles. I prefer the more esoteric one character principles to provide a less strict interpretation of the meaning of the principle.

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