Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Scroll is Sold.

This scroll was completed on June 15, 2009. The dimensions of the scroll are 17.32 Inches wide by 26.18 inches long.
I will also explain how the measurements are traditionally reported. The units of measure from smallest to largest are rin, bun 分, sun 寸and shaku 尺. There are smaller and larger units of measure, but I have never used them in making a scroll.
One Bun (pronounced ichi bun) is approximately 3.03 cm. The measurements of the scroll are
Ten (The top cloth portion of the scroll) = 75 Bun
Chi (The bottom cloth portion of the scroll = 27 Bun
Hashira (The side cloth portions of the scroll) = 35 Bun
Ichimonji Top (This is the red cloth) = 8 Bun
Ichimonji Bottom = 5 Bun
This scroll is written in Kaisho (block print) style by Ryugyoku Yamada. The character reads Ooja, and can translate as champion or ruler. The top character is that used for king.
As always, there are three concepts to consider when creating a scroll. 1. Where it will hang. 2. The contents of the art piece and 3. The artist.
1. Where it will hang. This is on a gold/light brown silk. These colors correspond to the Northeast or Southwest areas of the house according to some Feng Shui schools.
2. The golden silk was chosen particularly for this to provide the image of a champion receiving a gold trophy or belt for the victory achieved.
3. Ryugyoku, although female, has a very masculine style of writing due to the influences of her teacher who is male. The gold seemed to match the strength of the message of this writing.
For more information or to ask questions about price of this scroll please e-mail to info@customjapanesecalligraphy.com.

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