Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kosho Shourei Kai Karate Dojo Scrolls

These scrolls were commissioned by a California Dojo, who wished to have traditional scrolls that depicted both their affiliation with the Sei Kosho Shourei Kai which is at http://www.skski.net/ and their following of the Style of Koshoryu Kenpo.

The below is an excerpt from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosho_Shorei_Ryu_Kempo
It is based upon the teachings of Buddhism. James Mitose is credited as the man who originally brought Japanese Kenpō to Hawaii in 1936. Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempō is the martial art within the parent art Kosho Shorei Ryu, which originated in Kyushu, Japan in 1235 and was taught only to family members and monks staying at the Kosho-ji Temple.[2] As an art of Sohei Warrior Monks, this art is primarily one of spiritual development and holistic self-cultivation, and secondarily one of self-defense. There is no offensive martial aspect of this art traditionally. It is only used to protect life.
Kosho Shorei Ryu 古松奨勵流 means "Old Pine Tree School of Encouragement to Spiritual Diligence." According to Mitose's teachings the art is defined by the practice of oldpinetree.com: eight arts. These arts are:

Working on these scrolls was very fun. The size of the scrolls being uniform will allow them to complement the dojo in a side by side manner. The spiritual nature of making a scroll is reflected in this form of Martial Art.

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