Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yin Yang Abstract--Unbalanced Nature

This 掛け軸 kakejiku  is a reflection of my feeling in life right now. The Yin Yang is seen as a symbol of opposites providing balance by integrating the differing ideas and feelings.

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The artist who drew this for me was able to take the idea and express it in the brushwork. For example, the characters are outfacing each other because if switched to face inwards, the two objects would repel and push away from each other. The opposing forces do not fit congruently. Additionally, one is drawn superior and one inferior. At all times one of the forces in nature is dominant.

The blue cloth is accented with swirling patterns to represent the dizzying relationships we must endure and can be tiring if looked or dealt with for long periods of time. The red Ichimonji provides a sense of ire, or anger at the world that is bottled up inside.

The scroll is 2.18 feet in length and very wide at 1.59 feet when compared to the length. This scroll is completed in the Maru Hyougu style and more detailed dimensions are listed below.

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掛け軸一つ目: Yin Yang Abstract

作成日Framing Complete Date: July 20, 2010

表具Scroll Style: 丸表具Maru Hyougu

寸法 Dimensions:  天 84分

上一文字 11分

紙本長さ 64分

紙本幅さ 98分

下一文字 8分

地 52分

柱 31分(同様)



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