Monday, November 22, 2010

Scroll or Kakejiku with Enso Circle & Taoist Phrase

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Reading in Romanized Japanese:

Zoutei wa Hajimari to Owari.

Jinkaku no Michi.

Goiki ni Yori Maku wo Jokyo shi,

Hikari Sora no Mon ni


According to the customer, this is a Taoist phrase used in their karate dojo training. Thankfully the customer guided me to some correct words. The translation took much guidance from the customer because I was using particles that were not necessary at times and I used the word Present as in tense or now, but the word was actually to mean gift or a thing presented to someone else.

What I liked about this scroll  or Kakejiku is Yoshimi’s ability to balance everything in the writing, which included the writing of Enso in the top left corner (facing away from the scroll), the Large Enso Circle, with the signature to the right and then the writing in a Gyousho, semi-cursive style. This was more writing than we have usually put on a scroll, and the phrase underneath was written with a Hosofude, or thin brush. It is our ideal to provide what the customer wants within reason.

The Katana and Wakizashi are more appropriate for this display as the Dojo from the Great Lakes Region of the US, trains in the sword arts. He gave me a beautiful essay and write up on some of the philosophies they used, but being a laic in regards to martial arts, I honestly only understood about 65% of the essay. But what new things I did learn were very enlightening, particularly the new sword vocabulary in Japanese.
The customer chose a wine color cloth, and it is complemented the Enso circle along with a beautiful high gloss black lacquer wood jikusaki that has a gold band around the outer edge. The scroll includes a Gold Kakehimo with a white arrow pattern in it giving it a distinct look. The deep gold Ichimonji seems to help provide a good contrast between the work and the Kireji. The scroll is in the Maru Hyougu style with the following Dimensions in the traditional Japanese measurement of 分 Bun.
天  Ten                                   111
上一文字 Ue Ichimonji           12.5
紙本幅 Shihon Habasa          109
紙本長 Shihon Nagasa          210
柱 Hashira                               17
下一文字 Shita Ichimonji          9
地 Chi                                     70
掛け軸幅さ Scroll Width       143
掛け軸長さ Scroll Length      417.5
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