Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scroll Making Lecture/Demonstration

 On Friday Evening, December 31, 2010, I conducted a lecture and demonstration for a local Anime fan club. It was a good time and everyone said they learned something new and exciting. I am very happy to share my knowledge and experiences with those who have interest to learn.

The lecture consisted of very basic information about the history of scrolls in Japan, divergence and design, the various aspects of glue, paper and cloths used. The crowd also got to see different Jikusaki, Fuchin and Kakehimo.

In the first two pictures I am explaining the meaning of the Kanji on some different orders. Immediately below is working and explaining the various viscous glues, and the types of paper used to make the scrolls.


Next is the measuring and cutting of the Uruachi to be applied to the artwork.

Application of the glue can be very stressful, so as to get the right amount without causing wrinkles in the paper and other problems.

The Kinran and finished work and Ichimonji on the drying board completed the demonstration. In all I felt this was the most appropriate way to end the old year and start the new. In this year I am desirous to teach more classes on Kakejiku making. Some of you may be interested in purchasing my book How to Make Handmade Wallscrolls. For more details go to my webstore at http://www.wallscroll.blogspot.com/ or contact to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com

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