Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bonsai Scrollmaking Class

On June 16th, 2011 I conducted a workshop for 8 students on how to make wallscrolls or kakejiku  at Bonsai in the Bluegrass in Louisville Kentucky. It was the most difficult but enjoyable time I have ever had because there was so much to do and so little time to do it in...

If you would like to order a custom scroll there are three ways to get started: 1. Go to my shopping site at 2. Download my scroll design workbook from my website at to read about the concepts behind kakejiku or wallscroll design. 3. E-mail to me directly at 

This scroll was one of the demo pieces completed for the person in charge of the program. It reads 百花春至 Hyakka ha Haru Itaru. This means that Spring Begins with a Hundred Blossoms. The writing was done is a Gyousho style by Yoshimi Yamada Maples, Ryugyoku. The scroll was on the drying board for over a year. The person receiving the scroll selected an Enshu Shitan Jikusaki. The scroll was designed in mind of the bonsaiist that loves to display shohin Azaleas.

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