Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kenshin Ichinyo (Sword & Mind As One)

This is the second scroll order with the Koi cloth scroll. The reason for the more traditional nature of this scroll is that it is meant to hang in a dojo for Kenjutsu. It is done in an Antique color silk with a rosewood jikusaki and Kodai Hanging String. It is written in the Gyousho, semi-cursive style by Yoshimi Yamada Maples.

Dimensions Below:

Name in Kanji Name in English Size in Bun Size in Inches
Ten 95 11.33
上一文字 Ue Ichimonji 12 1.43
紙本の幅さ Artwork Width 47 5.61
紙本の長さ Artwork Length 140 16.70
Pillars 20.5 2.45
下一文字 Shita Ichimonji 9 1.07
Chi 65 7.75
掛け軸の幅さ Scroll Width 88 10.50
掛け軸の長さ Scroll Length 321 38.29

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