Friday, September 12, 2014

Scrollmaking Methods & Timetable

I have often been asked by many people, "How long before I get my scroll?" The reply I give is depends. Do you want a machine made production line scroll, like those pictured at the left...Or do you want a carefully thought and planned handmade scroll. The best scrolls made by hand spend years curing on the drying board.

Several advantages to handmade scrolls are the fact that with the new production line techniques, the skills of restoration have not caught up. If you want a museum grade work, that can be restored without damage in the future, a kakejiku, or wallscroll needs to be made by hand.

I  make all of my wallscrolls and byoubu by hand. It allows for some creative processes that just can not be accomplished with a machine made wallscroll. The funniest thing, is when a bonsai artist or Martial Artist tells me I am not fast enough and they need to go with another option. I just state, can you have a finished bonsai  or black belt in a day, week or month? It is the same with my work, time is the indicator of my quality.

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