Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sanso Collection Moon Hare by Tan'Yu

This scroll was made for the previous owner of the Sanso Collection. All rights belong to the owner and no copying or dissemination of this photo is permitted without express written consent by the owner. Below is a short bio from Wikipedia.

Kanō Tan'yū (狩野 探幽, 4 March 1602 – 4 November 1674) was one of the foremost Japanese painters of the Kanō school. His original given name was Morinobu; he was the eldest son of Kanō Takanobu and grandson of Kanō Eitoku. Many of the most famous and widely known Kanō works today are by Tan'yū.

This scroll is mounted in the Yamato Hyougu style. The Brown cloth is a pure silk (正絹). The blue Kinran helps to reinforce the night time scene, with the brown cloth giving wind and the tan cloth. The scroll utilizes a Two Tone copper ceramic jikusaki.

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