Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fukuro Hyougu Style Wall Scroll of Bamboo Sumi-e

This scroll is no longer available for sale. There is one more similar bamboo painting that you can request a commissioned scroll to be made just for your needs. Contact

This scroll is 23 inches long by 11 Inches wide. It was made in the Fukuro Hyougu style with no embellishments of Suji (Horizontal or Vertical cloth lines on the cloth of the scroll). The pale green cloth was to provide symbolic imagery of the duller bamboo color in fall. Bamboo is a favorite subject among Japanese artists due to its versatility in use for building and household utensils and eatery.

This work was drawn by Yoshimi Yamada Maples on paper (本紙 honshi). Close examination of the work will reveal that it was drawn quite a while ago, because it is not as bright a white as other scrolls made by Custom Japanese Calligraphy. The paper yellowed and aged with time giving the scroll an older look. Some Hyousoushi use aging techniques to make the scrolls look older than they are in actuality. I do not subscribe to these practices, and would prefer the scrolls to look old through hanging.

This scroll is for sale at $65.00 including all shipping and taxes. If you desire us to make a scroll with a different silk or picture paper, please contact to Jonathan at

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