Friday, December 4, 2009

Kachofugetsu - Full Cursive (Sousho) Style

This Beautiful Scroll was Commissioned and is already Sold.

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This scroll was designed with the customer at the Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention held in Riverside, California on November 5-8, 2009. The customer wanted a more subdued scroll than the Kachoufuugetsu (Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon) 花鳥風月 scroll that I had created in my wife's Kaisho style Japanese writing. He thought the cloth, which was a goldenrod to represent the sun was a little garish. This term Kachofuugetsu is a four character idiomatic expression used in Japanese literature to depict the beauty and serenity of the natural world and evokes an apprecation and respect for nature.

As a result he picked a beautiful Cocoa shade which would remind one of very rich, fertile soil of our mother earth. He also wished to use a full cursive style. Congratulations go out for being the first customer to select Sousho, sometimes referred to as grass writing, as the preferred style of Japanese Calligraphy. In addition, this customer selected a Dark Blue Kakehimo (Hanging String) which does not make the scroll have any break in continuity when hanging. The scroll is stamped with Ryugyoku's Inkan or Hanko (Americans say Chop, but I have never like this word) on both the upper right hand corner and lower left hand corner of the scroll. Perhaps this would allow the bonsai to be displayed on either the left or the right hand side per the rules of Seki Kazari 席飾り. I would need to check with someone more knowledgeable than myself. Finally, the scroll is capped with beautiful stained wood Jikusaki. These pieces add to the scrolls elegance, and allow the colors between the cloth and the Jikusaki to transition very smoothly.

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Ren said...

Beautiful work, Jonathan.