Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bamboo Sumie Small Kakejiku

It has been so long since I have posted a scroll many think that I may not be making kakejiku anymore…These next few Sumie are the work of Ren Adams, a New Mexico Sumie artist. I like Ren’s work for the simplicity, yet complexity of the shading of her brush. This is a beautiful original rendition of the new growth of a bamboo branch. I appreciate her work and her talent.

This scroll measures 12 inches long by 5 ¼ inches wide. It is in a two-step style with a Navy Blue Ten and Chi and a Gold Chuumawashi. This scroll sells for $15.00 and $3.50 shipping in the US. For inquiries on other original works and scrolls contact Jonathan Maples.

This scroll is no longer available for sale.

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