Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three First Name Translations into Japanese

These scrolls are order made first name translations. For inquiries on customizing your own scroll please contact or visit the webstore.

This customer wanted to make scrolls describing the attributes of these three competitive swimmers.

Derek is written on the far left scroll. His name is in Katakana which is the syllabic vocabulary for foreign words in Japanese. On the left column he was described as a humble, dedicated & obedient swimmer.

Noelle is written on the middle scroll with the name Noelle in Katakana on the right column. The left column describes her as a quiet, loving & fast swimmer.

Dylan is written on the far right scroll. The name in Katakana is written on the right with the left column describing him as a strong, funny & energetic swimmer.

It took more time than normal to make sure these scrolls width and length were consistent, but it was a good exercise in discipline to make them. This order was difficult in the translation, but once we were able to get the customer what he wanted it was very satisfying.

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