Monday, May 17, 2010

Book to Make Kakejiku or Wallscrolls by Hand

You asked for it and now you can get it. Have you ever wondered how they create the beautiful wallscrolls called kakejiku with cloth and paper in Japan.  Here is your chance to learn. This newly published book shows the entire process of how to make your very own custom kakejiku. With pictures, graphs and simple to read text instructions, you too can learn how to make these scrolls by hand using tradtional Japanese techniques.

You can frame art prints, photographs, Japanese calligraphy or sumie into these scrolls. Providing beautiful decor for the home or office.

This book was a labor of love and took many months to prepare, edit and get ready for publication. The book is now available online. Book ISBN number is 978-1-4500-6755-3. Go to to order online. You may also e-mail directly to me at to obtain additional information.

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