Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fukuro Hyougu Scroll as Gift

This beautiful scroll was ordered from Canada as a graduation gift. The first thing one recognizes looking at the picture is there is no brocade, or ichimonji cloth bordering the artwork.

This is because it is a Fukuro Hyougu style scroll. This is the primary difference between the Maru Hyougu kakemono. Because this scroll utilized a light Khaki colored cloth, I inserted Suji onto the scroll. The three black lines are all 0.5 Bun in diameter. It is also capped with beautifully black lacquered wood jikusaki which really harmonizes the colors of the suji.

As mentioned above, this scroll is for an individual who graduated in Social Work/Counseling. We did not know where this will hang in a future office, but the neutral colors along with the good contrast of colors will allow it to hang almost anywhere.

The writing was done by my Shihan Calligrapher wife, Ryugyoku in the Kaisho style. The customer asked for balance and courage as the words for the scroll. These words are read as 平衡 Heikou and 勇気 Yuuki.

It is a strong reminder for future counseling recipients to have balance and courage to overcome their afflictions.

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Peacecat said...

This is lovely, and the words of balance and courage can benefit any profession!