Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Victory Over Self


This calligraphy reads that One who attains Victory over Oneself is Greater than Gaining Victory over 10,000 enemies. Self Mastery and continual improvement of oneself makes us feel better about ourselves and improves our self esteem. When we practice a skill, or improve daily then we are gaining mastery over ourselves. 

This scroll is made in the Sandan Hyougu format. It has a deep gold karakusa for the Ichimonji, a dark gold Chumawashi donsu cloth and a cotton khaki ten/chi. If you are interested in purchasing this or something else in Japanese, please contact to me at or call or text to 801-214-4064. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sitting Girl

This is also by artist Patricia Gustafson. This was the largest of her three paintings. I chose to do this in the Fukuro Hyougu format, with the three suji insert into the frame. I felt this simple style would help to accentuate the paintings subject matter. What do you think? Do you like this? If you would like a custom wallscroll made for you please view information on my websites or or email to or You can also text or call us at 801-214-4064

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Strong Like Summer Clouds


夏雲多奇峰 These are the characters on this scroll. It reads Kaun Kihou Ooshi, with a literal meaning of Strong Like Summer Clouds. I had a person take my scroll making class at an American Bonsai Society convention in Kentucky. He was never able to complete the scroll and asked me to do it for him. This will be a good scroll to display with his various conifer trees. I love the dark Rust/Brown color of this cloth. It was completed with an ebony jikusaki to slightly offset the color of the scroll, but still pair well with the many unglazed pots typically used for Evergreen Bonsai. If you would also be interested in having a scroll made, go to our website email to or call or text to 801-214-4064.

Woman Portrait


This is the second scroll of a woman painted by Patricia Gustafson. This scroll was also made with a donsu (silk) cloth. It has a light gray background with a very small flower arabesque pattern. I felt this cloth being very muted would go well with the various shades of gray and black in the painting. It was completed in the Maru Hyougu style with a Deep Gold arabesque kinran border on the top and the bottom. If you would like your own painting framed into a wallscroll, or a custom piece done for you, please visit or email to or call or text to 801-214-4064.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Tapestry Frame for Bonsai Artist


This Tapestry Frame was purchased by a bonsai artist. (Yes the photo is at an angle, but it hangs straight)....but The nice thing about the Tapestry Frame is that it allows the user to change the photograph easily, so they can display their bonsai with various seasonal or environmental themes allowing flexibility for the displayer to use the same tree but not have the same display constantly. This is pictured without the photograph installed. Also, you are not limited to the cloths we offer. You can provide us any 100% Cotton and most silk cloths for us to make a beautiful frame to hang in your home or office. If you would like to order your own tapestry frame you can order directly at our shop at or email to You can also call or text to 801-214-4064.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sumie of Man Sitting


This is by Artist Patricia Gustafson. She requested that I use her name in the blog posts. This is the link to her facebook This picture did not turn out well, so apologies in advance. This scroll was done in the Maru Hyougu format. It features a brown and gold ichimonji border, with a green/yellow wicker pattern cloth. It is a donsu fabric (silk). The reason I selected this cloth was the small pattern and green would be a strong complement to the bold red color in the painting. If you would like a custom kakejiku made please contact to me at or We are also available by phone or text to 8012144064.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Summer Poem for Bonsai in Stage 2a


This kakejiku genesis was from a class done at a bonsai convention....I think almost 10 years ago. They were never able to complete the wallscroll, so he sent it to me to finish it. It is a poem (and I believe it is for summer season) which I will find in my Zengo Kichigo Dictionary. I think these cloths are beautiful. If you are interested in having a custom artwork framed, please contact to or call or text to 8012144064.