Friday, October 2, 2009

Beppu in Oita Japan

This is a small scroll with a postcard of Beppu in Oita Japan. Beppu is famous for it's onsen (natural hot springs). Although I have never been it is close by.

There is a particular hot spring called Oni no Jikoku, 鬼の地獄 or Demon's Hell. Although the pictures are not clear, there are statues of two Oni, and the river in the upper right flows red. I think this is a good representation of Hell.

In tribute to this imagery a cloth of Oni which was purchased in Japan this year was used to complement the scenes in the picture. The cloth is dark tan with light tan and blue Oni in the design. The bright orange and gold in the Ichimonji provides a stark transition between the picture and the cloth.

This scroll has no jikusaki. It is small, less than 1 foot long and about 9 inches wide.

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