Friday, October 9, 2009

Many Gods and Many Voices

This is a custom yatsugiri scroll order. It was commissioned with an Art Blue cloth frame, a white background large flower pattern ichimonji, black jikusaki and a dark green kakehimo.
The phrase written in the scroll is taken from the T.S. Eliot poem titled, "The Dry Salvages", which is the third poem of the Four Quartets. The poetry section referenced is 'Many gods and many voices'. We translated the meaning as 多の神多の声 (ooku no kami, ooku no koe). As following a traditional method of Japanese Calligraphy, only the Kanji have been used and the possessive particles No have been omitted.

This is in a Semi-cursive writing style called Gyousho. This piece was written by shihan Ryugyoku Yamada. This scroll measures about 4.75 feet long and 11" wide.
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