Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiger Minikakejiku Sousho Style

Not many of our customers order the Sousho full calligraphy style of kakejiku. Although typically unreadable without training, the creativity and individuality of the artist is evident in the brush stroke.
Calligraphy student's spend painstaking hours of practice to learn to first conform their writing to specific standards. Only after mastering the ability to make perfect strokes in the Kaisho style are they then allowed to train on utilizing their creativity and expressing their individuality.
About the scroll.
This is the character for tiger 寅 Tora. This is the third character in the Chinese Zodiac. The more commonly used character for tiger in Japanese is 虎 which is also read as Tora.
This is on a white and gold ichimonji surrounded by the Navy cloth.

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