Wednesday, October 14, 2009

鶴亀松おめでたい - Crane, Turtle & Pine

This Scroll is Sold.

This is a scroll used to symbolize prosperity and long life. The 鶴 Tsuru, or crane in Japanese culture symbolizes long life and a good marriage. The 亀 Kame also symblizes longevity. The 松 Matsu is a tree long revered in Japan for it's evergreen nature. The term Omedetai is a phrase wishing one congratulations.

I had a sumi picture of a pine branch from Teiko Applebaum. The picture seems upside down, but if you look close at the Hanko (stamp) it is realized that this is the correct framing. My wife mentioned to me the symbolism of these three and it was only natural that I take the cloth with the Crane and Turtle pattern and combine it with this picture of the pine.

Red is a color associated with luch and good fortune in Japan. This was the reasoning behind my use of the Red Ichimonji and the Red Jikusaki on the scroll.

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