Monday, November 30, 2009

Gunlock Rainbow Wall Scroll

This scroll was done in co-ordination with Photographer and Gallery owner Nathan Wotkyns. He took this picture near Gunlock, which is a 40 Minute drive north of St. George, Utah. during the floods that ravaged Southern Utah in 2005.

Nathan Wotkyns was able to get into the Gunlock area before traffic was detained by the police department. This resulted in a beautiful rainbow over a rushing waterfall.

In the past, it was stated that the Hyousoushi must look at the work and try to determine how the scroll design can complement the work. I felt that a two-step scroll (Nidan Hyougu) would be the best match for this photo. I wanted to use the gold Chumawashi (Gold cloth that borders the work) to help complement the colors of the surrounding trees, but also to help bring to the forefront the faint rainbow as the centerpiece of the work. The white used has two symbolisms. One, it is used to extend the color of the waterfall. Meaning that although the water ends in the photograph, it is visually continued in the Ten and the Chi of the work. Secondly, this picture was taken in the late fall, and hence to help one remember the crisp, cool winter weather approaching. The Jikusaki are a beautiful ceramic pink with white flecks evoking the image of snowflakes and hence continuing on the winter theme in the white cloth. The kakehimo is a beautiful gold which is similar to the color of the Chumawashi.

This work can be viewed on location at Wide Angle Art in Downtown St. George, 51 North Main Street 84770.  For inquiries on purchase, please e-mail to

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