Monday, November 16, 2009

Progress by Day Walk by Night

These characters were submitted for monthly progress with Yoshimi's calligraphy society. She really liked this phrase. It means that we can improve little by little a day at a time.

Sometime's in life we feel that we may be very frustrated with our own lives. Perhaps our plans or expectations have not come to fruition. It should always be recounted the little steps that were taken to accomplish the obstacles in front of us are the greatest journey.

This was written in a semi-cursive, gyousho style. I selected this cloth because it matched the symbolism of the charcters Sun 日 and Moon 月 The characters on the bottom have been separated, but written together as such 進歩 it reads Shinpo or progress.

We should always wish upon a star once in a while and then walk in the day to get accomplished our tasks.

This beautiful Maru Hyougu stlyle scroll is for sale and it is accented with black plastic Jikusaki and Gold Kakehimo.

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