Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kouro Itten no Yuki, One Point of the Snow and Crimson Fireplace

紅炉一点雪 This is read Kouro, Itten No Yuki.

The fate of our setting in life makes all things equal. Some snow falls on the ground, and some snow must be consumed as it falls onto the fire. Life is filled with contrasting opposites. There is the snow which is cold, white and is in constant movement, versons the hot, crimson and stationary setting of a fire in the fireplace.

Where we fall is not up to us to decide, but is contingent upon fate. The snow that helps create the ground's winter blanket is equally as beautiful as the individual flake consumed by the fire and becomes a droplet of steam. So let us all rejoice in our individual circumstances as winter approaches and reflect upon the beauties that surround us in all different forms.

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