Friday, June 8, 2012

Dee Teller #9 Sing (Spirit Woman)

This is the ninth painting of Dee Teller's exhibition titled Asia Speaks.

It is titled Sing (Spirit Woman). I felt this needed a more neutral cloth, so I selected a flower pattern with a light brown. I used a gold on gold Ichimonji to keep the focus on the painting. The Jikusaki are bamboo. This is a large scroll.

Dimensions as follows:
Name in Kanji Name in English Size in Bun (Inches)

天 Ten 115 (13.72)

上一文字 Ue Ichimonji 15 (1.79)

紙本の幅さ Artwork Width 220 (26.24)

紙本の長さ Artwork Length 424 (50.58)

柱 Pillars 17 (2.03)

下一文字 Shita Ichimonji 8 (0.95)

地 Chi 75 (8.95)

掛け軸の幅さ Scroll Width 254 (30.30)

掛け軸の長さ Scroll Length 637 (75.99)

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