Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There are competitors that use tricky tactics to maintain their top page rankings in Google...For example, I know at least three sites that use Custom Japanese Calligraphy Scroll in their keyword phrases. I find that funny...Is a single person such a threat, that they feel they need to use another's company name in their keywords?

I am proud of my work and will gladly explain the differences of scrolls. In fact one competitor in particular says they create Custom Japanese Scrolls. Yet they utilize a clearly Chinese Hanging String and it is hung with the makihimo on the outside of the scroll. This is never the way a Japanese scroll is hung.

There are many excellent calligraphers in the US, but my wife submits on a monthly basis her works to a Japanese Calligraphy Society. We let the old garde in Japan judge her works, and they have found her writing sufficient to be warranted as a Shihan Kaku. A variety of styles are practiced every day, Kaisho, Sousho and Gyousho as well as kana, which is a style native only to Japan.

Now, I am not Japanese, but when making a scroll by hand I try with every intention to follow my Sensei's pattern and spirit to the tee, and create something beautiful. If you have questions, or would like to download a booklet on how to design your own scroll please e-mail to me at

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