Thursday, June 17, 2010

A word on Computer Generated Japanese to English Name Translators

There are many sites that offer computer generated translation of names into Japanese or Chinese characters. What happens is it spits out characters that will phonetically match the desired name. Custom Japanese Calligraphy believes it takes more thought and care for the translation of a name.

For example, recently we had an order for the name Jacob.
The automatic site translator gave the following. Ji ei ko bu
治頴功武Rule Intelligent Success Warrior

You are an intelligent warrior whose mighty rule brings success to all his people.

This is a fine translation if you are a martial artist or polititian, but this was for a less than 1 year old baby. As a result, we decided to use the bible phonetic spelling of Jacob, which is Yakobu. This gave us characters more suited to the sitution.
We translated it to mean This House will be Inspired (Because of this Child)

You can choose for yourself, but we feel that our human service, which is a little slower will be much more authentic and match your interests and personality. You can go directly to our shop site for name translation services at

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