Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ichii Senshin Kakejiku or Wall Scroll 意専心掛け軸, 又表具

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Ichii Senshin


This character phrase means "concentrating with a single heart by utilizing one's will". This is a phrase for martial arts which reminds that concentration and a single will are required to accomplish individual goals and desires.

This has been true for me in my personal struggle as a business owner, trying to get people to see the vision of my works and to spread my vision of the world both wide and far. It takes tenacity and drive to get others to believe in your vision. It also requires one to possess both patience and wisdom to see a project to the end. That is why I continue to work on scroll making every day. Every problem that is encountered provides me with new insight on how to fix a problem or repair it to improve the process on future works. Dedication of the heart requires both concentration and a will to see the journey until the final step.

I wanted to make this scroll with the dragon scale cloth. When I think of the word dragon the first word that comes to mind is tenacity, and embodied all of the principles of Ichii Senshin. This is written in a Gyousho style by Ryugyoku.

This handmade scroll comes with a certificate of authenticity and is for sale at $75.00 inclusive of all taxes and shipping in the US. If you would like a different scroll made to specification please contact I follow traditional methods and techniques that I learned from my Sensei in Japan to make each scroll as individual as you are.

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