Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chinese Sumie of Desert Oasis Kakejiku

This wallscroll was made because this customer purchased an artwork in China. I really have grown to love this scene because of the many different shades of brown used throughout the artwork. I have never quite seen a painting like this and do not know the original artist or provenance of the painting.

When I was trying to conceptualize the cloth, I wanted to stay with a color scheme that would accent the brown colors and yet not overburden the picture. When I found this silk, I knew the pattern would be soft although it was larger, and help the viewer to stand in the desert with the camel caravan.

The Jikusaki used for this was to help support both the darker shades of brown and the lighter tans in the painting. I think this two tone Ceramic jikusaki pulls this off nicely. The hanging string, or kakehimo is also unique. It is a three tone pattern with black, brown and tan.

If you have purchased a painting on paper or silk and would like to have it mounted into a kakejiku or wallscroll contact to 

This is a large scroll and dimensions are as follows.

Name in KanjiName in EnglishSize in BunSize in Inches
紙本の幅さArtwork Width26331.37
紙本の長さArtwork Length21425.53
掛け軸の幅さScroll Width29134.71
掛け軸の長さScroll Length40748.55

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